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About the Irving Writing Company

The Irving Writing Company is here to help people write more effectively, whether it's for a resume, a new business venture, a class, or somewhere in between. Language is the most powerful tool we have. Now more than ever, first impressions are often made in writing instead of in person, so it's important to make sure your writing reflects both your passion and your skills. Our goal is to help you make your words more powerful.


About Karen

Photo of Karen Petree

Karen Petree started the Irving Writing Company in 2021. She has a lot of experience tutoring, teaching, writing, and researching, and can also help with other things, like design and brand consistency. 


Karen grew up in Irving, Texas and studied at North Lake College, UNT, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and Texas A&M Commerce. Her areas of study and research have included anthropology, French, TESOL, linguistics, English, and journalism.

You can email Karen at, see her resume on her personal website, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

About Reba


Reba is a rescue dog and the official Good Girl of the Irving Writing Company. She likes to eat tacos, watch Ted Lasso, and nap blissfully while the humans work. Supporting the Irving Writing Company means the humans can afford to take Reba out for tacos every once in a while, and Reba loves tacos very much.

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